More and more frequently the youthful innovators of our country pass up entrepreneurial opportunities in favor of stable jobs in well – established corporations. The reason this occurs is not lack of drive or some moral failing but rather security in an unstable world. When the options are to risk everything or give up on your dreams in order to support your family, the choice seems obvious for most people. It is for this reason that the more seasoned business men and women of our country must take the initiative and do more to help our youth. M&G Foundation is taking that initiative. At M&G Foundation we are in the business of forging relationships. We help the youth of Boston, Massachusetts to get the mentoring they need in order to learn how to run a business and market their creations. We get the community involved in volunteer work that helps young adults to learn how to survive in today’s business world. Further, we support charities and non-profit organizations in their quest to help young adults with overcoming personal issues that hinder their growth towards success. Finally, we use our business connections and our knowledge of various industries to put passionate small business owners together with compatible investors in order to help them forge a lucrative and symbiotic business solution. In the end, our goal is to give tomorrow’s business leaders the head start they need today. This goal must be taken up by more of our experienced business owners for the sake of our community and our economy.


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