Olbrakht, Shuhay, Kolochava and A ukrainian woman granted in Czechia: the story of Natalia Tumarets and her family

Olbrakht, Shuhay, Kolochava and A ukrainian woman granted in Czechia: the story of Natalia Tumarets and her family

Natalia states that the town of Kolochava is A mecca that is true for. Why?

An instructor of globe literary works from Transcarpathian province, granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czechia. Seems very nearly improbable. But after interacting to Natalka Tumanets we realized that there surely is no this type of term as impossible when it comes to woman. Her primary target would be to turn the Transcarpathian town of Kolochava in to the point that is greatest of relationship between Ukraine and Czechia and a genuine exemplar of partnership and social cooperation.

“Hey, neboranyko*, you’re gonna tell the entire world of Mykola Shuhay, Olbrakht and Kolochava”

Neboranyko = bad thing (Transcarpathian dialect)

Natalia came to be in Kolochava. She completed college and left for Uzhhorod to acquire advanced schooling. She learned in the Philological Faculty. As she ended up being making range of a Slavonic language to analyze, she picked Czech, as her grandfather had a great demand from it.

– Grandpa penned all of the topics for my assessment in Czech. During the exam we stood before Pavlo Pavlovych Chuchka, telling him: “Here I got every thing written but we don’t think i am going to ever need Czech, therefore I am not necessarily ready for the exam”. He seemed through all pages and posts, learnt about grandpa and stated: “Hey, neboranyko*, a right time should come when you’re gonna inform the planet of Mykola Shuhay, Olbrakht and Kolochava. So create your option to your Grandpa and allow him inform you everything and learn the language every ” (spoken in Transcarpathian) day.

*neboranyko = poor thing (Transcarpathian dialect)

Plus it happened that way. Natalia had to learn Czech and also by 1990’s she was invited https://www.brightbrides.net/review/tsdates/ to execute for assorted audiences plus in mass-media of Czechia – to dwell in the Museum of Olbrakht, Czechs in Transcarpathia therefore the town of Kolochava. Just last year she graduated a course that is international methodology of Czech language at Charles University in Prague.

– that has been an unique experience for me personally. My students that are fellow folks from 20 nations around the globe. On it, everybody stood up and greeted all together as they saw me entering the lecture hall, with my badge an “Natalka, Ukraine. Many mentioned the prize «Gratias agit» that i acquired in 2012 through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czechia and, when I blushed and stated I experienced maybe not done any such thing yet, they laughed and replied: “Natalka, you don’t have to do such a thing anymore”. I’d rips during my eyes then, – Natalia says.

Museum of Olbrakht

Whenever we check out a starting place, all of it began from Natalka’s uncle, Mykola Shimoni, an instructor of history. He founded a museum associated with the writer that is czech public activist, Ivan Olbrakht, back 1982 into the town of Kolochava. Natalia’s grandfather had been the mind associated with village council prior to, in 1940’s and got imprisoned as an enemy of this individuals, with the priest. They state, he knew Olbrakht really.

– In 1989, as my uncle retired and passed the important thing through the center in my experience, we began focusing on the museum, – Natalia claims. – In 1997, a brand new event showed up. We refurnished the past exhibits. I desired to pay attention to Ivan Olbrakht’s literary task and good deeds.

The museum yet stays found in the additional college of Kolochava, though they will have started building a social centre. The event, significantly expanded, will be relocated here. A number of the displays may also be set up within the “Chetnitske stanitse” ( The Department that is gendarme) headed by Natalia along with her sons. It’s a variety of a museum, a private house, a resort plus an inn. The building once hosted the neighborhood stately notary federal federal government, the postoffice while the gendarmerie.

The majority of the museum displays date right from the start for the 20 century that is th. One of the more valuable people may be the “tabla” that when hung when you look at the gendarmerie home, as well as some books utilizing the initial signature by Ivan Olbrakht.

Guide. An adventure and novel that is poetic Ivan Olbrakht, entitled “Mykola Shuhay, a robber” and posted in 1933, became a masterpiece of literary works. The primary character regarding the novel had been a man that is real as soon as located in Kolochava and became a legend as a result of Olbrakht, both in Ukraine plus in Czechia. Besides, the writer’s pictures of Transcarpathian nature within the novel were therefore vivid that the literary experts associated with the right time called it a poem in prose. The Czech scholar that is literary Rudolf Havel when penned: “Olbrakht handled to inform to the Czech individuals about Transcarpathia significantly more than all the stately papers and publications when it comes to past 10 years…”

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